Roofing Slate

We are proud to offer Cornish quarried, sawn and split roofing slate with a first-rate service to your customers or to add the finishing touch to your own property.

Our aim is to provide the best quality product to suit your needs for a superior look that lasts. Our slates are hand dressed for a durable, long lasting, and low maintenance material.

High quality roofing slate has been used throughout the world and across the ages to keep our buildings dry. It has been a key feature of the buildings of both Devon and Cornwall, whether they are modern or traditional style. In addition to being attractive it is an environmentally friendly method of roofing.

Cost is determined by various factors including the pitch or slope of your roof, the size of the slates you would like to use and the lap (length of the overlap required to ensure water does not penetrate through). You will also need to allow for wastage in your calculations for some slates may break in handling, cutting, and fitting. For the edge or verge of your roof you may consider cutting slates, so they are half or having larger slates for the overlap to work (1.5 width of normal slates.

We can supply traditional random widths to be laid in diminishing courses from 20” to 12”.

Diminishing courses means that the longest slates are fixed at the eaves and diminishing to smaller slates as you reach the ridge.

11” to 7” “Peggies”. These are a trademark of west Cornwall and its quaint old fishing villages. They can be wet or dry scantle laid (wet meaning that it is laid with a lime mortar).

These slates are of random widths but are set lengths. Alternatively, we can do 20” x 10” – Duchess Slates down to 12” x 6” – Doubles.