Hedging Stone

Amplify the kerb appeal or boundaries of your property with quality west country natural slate hedging. Your hedge may be leading to your house or dividing up sectors of your garden.

Our hedging slate is ideally intended for dry stone walls where the stones are layered supporting one another with un-mortared joints. Many are constructed with soil/earth to bind them together, (but there is nothing stopping you using mortar if you wish to).

We grade our hedging slate to predominately 2 sizes, a small and a medium / large. Both have a natural mix of the blue and rustic colours. Small is selected to be manually hand-able (approximately concrete block size). Bed depth (front to the back of the stone) is typically between 100 – 300mm and coverage approximately 2m2 per ton. Medium / Large can be more of a two-person lift, with bed depth (front to back of the stone) between 200 – 450 mm. Coverage is approximately 1.5m2 per ton.

Medium / large hedging stone is typically used with an agricultural or commercial application. Many customers request a mix of the two sizes so they can use the larger stones as grounders (the base stones of a hedge) building up to the smaller stones at the top. Our slate is easy to work with a beautiful random natural face. It can be dressed and split as required on site creating stunning and imaginative results each time.

Hedging stone can also be used to line out gabion baskets allowing for a less expensive fill in the centre.

We can cater to large or small loads, either loose or bagged. You are welcome to collect from us or delivery can be arranged.