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We are committed to providing high quality, ethically quarried stone and plant hire services in Cornwall and Devon.


Our process always has the environment at the forefront.

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Stone products are mechanically extracted from the quarry face.


The stone is screened and sorted into designated product lines.


Stone is loaded/prepared for transport to destination.


Roofing slate - Close up roofing slate

Roofing slates

Architects & designers have been inspired by the natural beauty of slate for centuries, both for its aesthetic potential as well as its practical qualities.


When we talk to you about prices, we will often suggest a metre coverage area, yet we emphasise that these are only approximate. There is always the need to allow for wastage and that we sell by an approximate weight. Each product has a different coverage amount so never be afraid to ask for our advice.
The majority of our materials are delivered loose but some are palletised. In addition, some can be bagged for supply if required. We will ask you about site access when discussing delivery as some vehicles may be unsuitable for your location. We can supply in a number of different vehicles. Haulage terms:
  • Moffett - a vehicle with a small all terrain forklift attached to the back.
  • Tipper - a vehicle which can tip loose materials from the back of the lorry.
  • Hiab - a lorry with a crane capable of lifting pallets or bags off and placing them down.
  • Flatbed - a flatbed lorry has a flat surface on the back which cannot off load itself.

Slate is a natural product and therefore it is not possible to guarantee uniform colours. Once the stone it taken out of the ground the environment will begin to affect it. Natural oxidisation occurs and the rustic/sandy tones of the stone can begin to come out.

That is no problem come and see us and we will only charge you for what you take away.
We always aim to fit into the schedules that you give us at the time of order, but when dealing with nature you are never sure what you can expect. Certain times of the year we can also expect peaks in demand for our products. Ask us for lead times when you order and we will do our best for you.